Private Lessons

Private dance lessons are available to anyone wanting to learn to dance- as a couple or a single person, male or female.


The private dance lessons are custom designed. The day, time and program are specific to fit the dancer’s needs. This form of training elicits the fastest response time to understanding techniques in lead/follow and pattern learning.   

 This lesson is typically 50 min long . Debra has been teaching over 20 years and will lead or follow so she teaches both single men and women or couples in a private lesson. 

You can purchase a single private lesson or take advantage of one of the package specials.

The Basic Introductory Package Special:

Consists 2 private lessons for one or two people for $123.00 when purchasing with a cc.  The Intro special is meant to give you an idea of how private lessons can benefit you.  Sometimes it’s just enough and other times you want more.  You have the opportunity to test it out.  This will get you headed in the right direction!   More packages are available. Purchase the Intro Special on line.

Semi-Private Group Lessons:

This would be a custom designed group lesson for you and your friends and family for any occasion. We set the day and time for everyone to meet at my studio space. It’s fun to have your friends learn at the same time as you – you’ll have built in dance buddies! Fee would be determined on how many couples are part of the semi private lesson.