Special Events

 These are unique events organized for students to help them advance in technique and ability.  They are fun, informative dance opportunities to help reach their goals in dancing. 

Angel Figueroa Dance Workshops


Coming to Loveland, Angel from Houston TX


Angel is a highly sought after Head Judge around the country for dance competitions. He’s a judge, coach, workshop and Intensive leader, choreographer and the owner of Austin Swing Dance Championships. With many championships under his feet he'll be a great asset to your dancing as well.  Hope you take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the BEST!!

Thursday September 12, 2019


Workshop Specifics:


Post or Drift, what kind of anchor is it? This is to work on knowing how to get this anchor step point across. Which one is it and how can we work at it together. How can I make this happen on purpose. How can I get my point across properly.


8:00pm   HUSTLE 

Take this dance from basic to WOW and build your confidence both as a leader and follower. The Hustle blends really well with WCS to form a fusion dance called the ‘Swustle.’

 Become a more creative dancer and feel the joy of the Hustle.

9:00-10:00pm: Practice time

Fee: $25pp for both workshops paid in advance before Sept 11. Cash, Check or CC options.

$15 each workshop paid in advance before Sept 11

$20 each workshop paid at the door

or $30 at the door for both workshops and dance

Location:  at the Okay Dance Studio Space in the ‘New Thought Center’ at 5628 McWhinney Blvd, Loveland, CO the corner of Hwy 34 and I25, on the South side of McWhinney Blvd in the Outlet Mall. Left of the Jerusalem Gold store. Look for the DANCE poster in the window. GPS available.

 970-988-4693   Debra Endres Host

Angel: Ticket for 2 Workshops and Practice, pp

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

You can purchase more than one  ticket for Angels Swing Workshops here.  No refunds. Transferable ok if needed. 

Angel: Ticket for the 'West Coast Swing' Workshop, pp

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Purchase ticket for the West Coast Swing workshop only.  No refunds. Transferable ok if needed.

Angel: Ticket for the 'Hustle' Workshop, pp

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Purchase for the Hustle Workshop only. No refunds. Transferable ok if needed.

The International Rally Routine


The  International Rally 2019 is a routine West Coast Swing dancers can learn with a local group in your area. This routine is learned by dancers all over the world. Check out the 2019 routine!




Convention and Competition Events

5280 Westival  
Official site for the West Coast swing competition in Denver 

Swingtime In the Rockies
The official site for the West Coast Swing competition in Denver in July

Colorado Country Classic
Official site for the country dance competition in Denver in June

Colorado Star Ball
Official site for the ballroom dance competition in Denver in June

Rocky Mountain 5 Dance

Official site for this multi -dance competition and workshop event


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