Group Classes


Group classes offer another option in learning to dance. They supplement your private lessons, help with retention of patterns and builds confidence by providing extra practice time with other people.  It’s great to meet new people, find out where the dance scene is, work on your own skills and just enjoy learning to dance in a comfortable atmosphere. Classes are held once a week.  There are several Group Class offerings.

Contact info

Contact me if you have a question or need clarification.

You can pay cash, check or pay with a cc( with a fee) at the class.

Video Dance Examples

Check out  the New York Hustle.  

Example of West Coast Swing

This might be at  a dance competition but it shows some nice variety of West Coast Swing dancing.  A Jack & Jill contest is such that it is totally lead/follow,  it is not a routine. This is something you could eventually do!!

Example of Country 2 Step

I thought you might like to watch a little 2 step. You can see the difference in styles and flare.  What will yours be like??

Example of Night Club 2 step

People ask me what's the difference between this and Country 2 step. So I thought you might enjoy seeing what this dance can look like. Hope you join the class.